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EarthEco Equine Services


Official Equine Therapist Services to leading show jumping, racing and WCQ stable yards.


We are passionate about the environment,  earth and animals and as a result of our passion, we took the decision to start a company dedicated to the health and well being of our animals.

The key areas that we have chosen is the improvement of mobility and performance in sport horses as well as the rehabilitation of injury and identification of core problems through Thermal imaging.

We hope you will enjoy our Eco and Animal friendly web site.

Chantal and Rob Holder.

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EarthEco Equine Services

Specializing in the following Equine services:

Chantal and Rob Holder 

Equine Therapists

FEI Registered Permitted Equine Therapist's

(Reg - Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals SA / South African Animal Physical Rehabilitation Association) 

Masterson Method Certified Practitioners / Instructors - USA/Australia/ UK

  • Equine Therapy and Bodywork - Hands on bodywork sessions specializing in        releasing tension in the major junctions of the horse to improve movement and performance in sport horses.
  • T Touch - Course completed under Canadian trainer Edie Jane Eaton.
  • Niagara Equissage treatment to facilitate blood flow and injury recovery.
  • Photizo light therapy treatment - wound, injury and soft tissue healing,    sinusitis, infection and more.
  • Ultrasound - treatment of tendon and ligament injuries
  • Kinesiology Taping - Lymph drainage and circulatory support, injury support, muscle memory.
  • Veterinary Thermography - Equine and Small Animal (Teletherm Infrared Systems / Research, Tamap, USA)
Registered Members; Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals of South Africa

Registered Members; South African Animal Physical Rehabilitation Association

"EarthEco Equine Services" are proud to have been awarded the sole rights to teach the Masterson Method®  weekend seminar - workshops in South Africa.

Click on the Masterson Method®  logo above to find out more on this unique form of bodywork and the benefits for you and your horse as well as course information. 

Thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging is the latest technology is accessing lameness and reaction in palpation of animals.

Thermal imagery can locate and localize inflamation within the body when comparing heat patterns from one side of the body to the other.

These advanced cameras take reflective temperature, emisivity, and scan distance into account resulting in a 99% accuracy in the images.

The power of the camera is in the latest analytical software available to EarthEco Equine Services.

Consultants to international Veterinary Practice "" (Ireland, England, Holland, Mauritius, South Africa) in the field on Equine Thermograpy and Analysis.

Rob Holder - Veterinary Thermoghraphy / Equine and Small Animal (Teletherm infrared systems / research, Tampa, USA)

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