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The Masterson Method®
Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork®

The Masterson Method® is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage. It is a unique, interactive method of equine massage in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. In contrast to most traditional modalities, it enables the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension. It is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse. This participation and interaction are what makes the method fascinating for those who use it. In fact, if you do not allow the horse to participate, it does not work!

Masterson Method® Two Day Seminar - SA

"Masterson Method® Beyond Horse Massage"

Hands - on Weekend Seminar - Workshop

The Masterson Method® Weekend Seminar - Workshop is the next practical step to take after reading or viewing the Beyond Horse Massage Book and DVD.

In this "Hands-on" Weekend Seminar- Workshop, hosted by Certified Masterson Method® Instructor, Chantal Holder and Rob Holder, you will learn how to recognize what the horse is telling you through visual and palpable responses that enable you to get deeper releases of tension than the horse would otherwise be unable to release on its own. This is a truly interactive process that results in a change in relationship, and an improvement in movement and performance.

Whats in it for you ?:

  • Improved relationship and communication with your horse.
  • Make your horse more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Enable your horse to overcome limitations and restrictions that stand in the way of reaching his full potential.
  • Learn techniques that allow the horse to release deep accumulated pain and tension in the muscles and connective tissue.
  • Learn techniques that will help release tension in the major junctions of the horse that most affect movement and performance.

The two day seminar is arguably the most important stage of your Masterson Method® journey as this will teach you the absolute foundation on which all further Masteron Method® training is based.

Discover how much the Masterson Method® has to offer you and your horse by experiencing one of our Hands-On weekend seminar-workshops hosted by EarthEco Equine Services right here in South Africa.


Lynne Piercy - Competitive showjumper and trainer.

(Two day seminar December 2016)

"If you want to experience working WITH your horse and getting a magnificent bond and happier horse, this is the thing to do"

Bianca Rootman - Qualified Equinologist and Canine rehab practitioner

(Two day seminar December 2016)

"I would say that it is an amazing workshop that introduces completely new techniques and concepts that are taught nowhere else. 

The method of using such light touch and movements to achieve such incredible results has been a real eye opener for me"

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"Steps to becoming a Masterson Method®  Certified Practitioner"

Masterson Method® Certification Program:

To become a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner (MMCP) you  must meet the horsemanship experience and educational prerequisites explained below, complete the training requirements of the course, and demonstrate proficiency in all of the techniques taught. Time frame to complete the Certification Program: 12 - 18 months. In order to be certified in the Masterson Method® students must have: 

  • Completed all of the training requirements of the program listed below.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in all of the techniques taught in the program.
  • Have taken the anatomy portion of the course or have an equivalent anatomy qualification.

Step 1: Pre-Certification Courses.

  • Beyond Horse Massage Weekend 2-day Seminar-Workshop - Basic principals and techniques.

  • Advanced 5-day Course - 32 Hours (International Travel Required) - Advanced techniques bringing positive change in horses movement and performance.    Evaluation techniques, identifying patterns that point to possible primary issues that often create compensatory and secondary issues in the body 

  • Home Study Course - 12 Hours - Provides guided study of techniques taught on Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop.

Step 2; Anatomy Course
  • Entrance Quiz.All students are required to meet our anatomy requirements. Students enrolled in our Anatomy Course will need to complete this course before attending their 2nd Coaching Course and within 12 months of enrolling.
  • Each applicant to the Certification Field Work Course will take this Field Work Entrance Quiz to evaluate proficiency in Equine Anatomy. This evaluation plus the applicants experience and past training in anatomy will be used to determine if the applicant will be required to take The Masterson Method Equine Anatomy Course.

Step 3; Start Certification Program.
Certification field work block system: ( Must sign up within 6 months of completing the Advanced course)
The Certification Field Work Course consists of a series of 3 blocks of case studies and three coaching courses.

Block 1;
Focus on proficiency of techniques. Student to complete and write up 5 case studies of 2 sessions per case study (10 write ups). This will involve doing a full body work up on a horse (approx 2 hours per session) plus a detailed write up of the session detailing techniques, horses responses and more (approx 3 hours per write up). A mentor is assigned to each student. Case studies will be submitted and feedback given with a rating for the case study write up. Once case studies are completed, student will attend a Coaching Course and progress will be evaluated. Student must achieve an evaluation level of 2 in scale of 1 to 5 before being permitted to move on to Block 2.

Coaching Course 1:
One or two day course with designated coach to ensure student is proficient in block one techniques and can be moved through to block 2 (Coaching held in SA by EarthEco Equine Services)

Block 2;
Focus on Techniques and Anatomy. Same number of case studies and write ups are required as in block one. If required, the anatomy portion of the training must be completed before second coaching course. At second coaching course, student will need to achieve an evaluation of 3 or higher on order to move on to Block 3.

Coaching Course 2:
One or two day course with designated coach to ensure student is proficient in block two techniques and can be moved through to block 3 (Coaching held in SA by EarthEco Equine Services)

Block 3;
Focus is on final evaluations and putting it all together. Once again the number of case studies, write ups and submissions as in Block 1 and at third coaching course, student will need to achieve an evaluation of 4 and above to qualify for the Certification Course.

Coaching Course 3:
One or two day course with designated coach to ensure student is proficient in block three techniques and can recommended to proceed for certification application (Coaching help in SA by EarthEco Equine Services)

Certification 3 - Day Completion Course (International Travel Required)
This is a three-day completion course with Jim Masterson himself. At these courses students will review, practice and refine techniques learnt during the previous two phases, be tested by Jim and be taught the next level of evaluation and bodywork techniques.

Proficiency in the Masterson Method® techniques taught during the three phases of certification will be required to earn a Masterson Method® Certification. 

Note: Participation does not guarantee Certification. You must fulfill all the requirements and be tested by Jim on your techniques to become certified. You may be asked by Jim to complete more case studies or attend more coaching weekends before being tested again.

NOTE: Certification does not authorize a student to become an instructor in the Masterson Method®

Tuition Fees:(Subject to change)

Weekend Seminar: $400 (Price only applicable to SA Seminars)

Home Study Course: $179.95 

Anatomy Course: $185 (Must be completed in 12 months from sign up)

Advanced 5 day course: $2125

Certification Field Work Course: $1500

Coaching course x 3: $1050

Certification 3-Day Completion Course: $1100

Total Course costs:  $6539.95 (Approx R95 000.00 excludes study material and international travel)

NOTE:    Above costs do NOT include additional Masterson Method® or Equine Anatomy text books or study material.

               Above costs do NOT include international travel cost for the Advanced course and Certification.

               Above prices may change according to Masterson Method ® USA website. Kindly check links to confirm pricing

               Masterson Method Practitioners are required by law to register with SA Veterinary Council prior to starting to practice.